Dos and Don’ts, challenges and must haves Surviving the German Business Culture

You have already met blunt, inflexible, always on time and totally humorless Germans? Then you have encountered some stereotypes as well as plenty of truths.

Yet, working in Germany and doing business with the Germans can be a lot of fun and extremely enterprising, if you hang on for the ride. Just observing a few cultural differences and being aware of how we do things around here, will ensure that you have a successful work experience in Germany and establish business partnerships for life as well.

This workshop is based on developing awareness of your own culture and the culture of your business partners. By increasing your ability to recognize the different rules, behaviors and values of another culture you will gain a more relaxed approach to deal with cultural differences that could cause irritation. After attending this workshop, you will feel comfortable when it comes to German business habits such as dress codes, greeting rituals and punctuality.

The workshop includes a business dinner where you will find out whether or not it is appropriate to enjoy a brew or a “Jäger” with colleagues and business partners while having some Bratwurst and Sauerkraut.



  • PE297-E / Surviving the German Business Culture

    Dos and Don´ts, challenges and must haves
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